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Leadshine DCM57202 50W Brushed Servo Motor
Leadshine DCM57202 is a high quality NEMA23 DC brush servo motors with a 1,000-line differential-ended encoder. The motors are ideal for cost sensitive applications. Built with high quality materials, it moves very quietly and smoothly with high precision and very little motor heating. It has been widely implemented in many OEM applications.
Reliable industrial quality High performance, Low cost Rated voltage:24 VDC, Rated power: 50W NEMA23 frame size 3500 RPM rated speed / 4600 RPM peak 4000 CPR (1000-line) incremental encoder
Specification In Table:
Wiring: Connection Table for Single-ended Encoder

Einheitstyp stück
Verpackungsgewicht 1.5kg (3.31lb.)
Verpackungsgröße 17cm x 9cm x 8cm (6.69in x 3.54in x 3.15in)
Bescheinigung CER,CCC,RoHS,UL
aufbauen Ewigmagnet
Drehmoment 0.76 N.M
Verbrauch Boot,Haushaltsgerät,Auto,der Ventilator,Elektro-Fahrrad
Schützen Sie Eigenschaft Explosionfest
Leistungsfähigkeit IE 2
Dauerstrom (A) 1.79 A
Modellnummer DCM57202
Art Servomotor
Ausgangsleistungs 50 W
Umwandlung Elektronikbürste
Frame Size NEMA23
Peak Torque 0.76 N.M
Peak Speed 4600 RPM
Peak Current 13.9 A
Max Winding Temperature 155 °C
Encoder Resolution 500 or 1000
Length 129 mm (encoder included)
is_customized Yes
Speed(RPM) 4600 RPM (no load)
Voltage(V) 24 VDC

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Leadshine DCM57202 120 Watt Gebürstet Servomotor mit 3600 rpm max geschwindigkeit und 1000 Linie Zeilen-encoder

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